Sony’s PlayStation TV getting a wider (PAL) release this year


You may or may not be familiar with Sony’s PlayStation Vita TV, a little box that was released in Japan at the end of last year. Essentially a PlayStation Vita in a box, minus the screen and buttons, it also features functions similar to those seen in the Apple TV, though it’s very gaming-centric in its focus. And, soon it will be leaping out of the Asian market and over to the States, Europe and other PAL territories like the ones that include South Africa.

It’ll be getting a rebrand and a new colour when it launches closer to home though. The name will be shortened to PlayStation TV and a black edition is in the works (Japan’s set-top box was white) but the functionality will remain much the same. PlayStation 4 owners will be able to use the PlayStation TV to stream game content from their console to a second, PS TV-equipped TV as opposed to the TV that the PS4 is connected to. Which beats buying two consoles.

It’ll also stream PlayStation 3 games over Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Now offering, though in both PS4 and PS3 instances you’ll need a wireless controller from either console to take advantage of the gaming. It’ll also have access to PlayStation Plus, including a selection of downloadable titles (PSP, PS One, and PS Vita) but the support isn’t universal. Some games, like those found on the Vita, won’t be supported because the PS TV doesn’t have all the features and sensors of Sony’s handheld.

As for the pricing and availability. All we know for now is that it’s supposed to show up this year but we’ll keep you posted when Sony has an update for everyone.


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