More E3 reveals: Get ready for some Doom

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Fans of the near-primordial gaming series Doom should be happy to hear that Bethesda announced a new instalment yesterday at E3.

As with all things E3, scant few specifics other than what can be seen on the first look are available about the game, but the trailer shows a return to the infernal form many gamers grew up with.

Bethesda had also previously announced a beta for the the new outing, which will be available on PC, PS3 and 4 and Xbox 360 and One, which gives us a strong indication that the game will also be released on all these platforms.

If the video only leaves you wanting more, fret not, as Bethesda will be giving a full unveiling of Doom later this year at QuakeCon, which starts on the 17th of July.

Source: The Verge



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