Microsoft prices, will drop the Xbox One on SA come 23 September


The trickle of information from Microsoft concerning the Xbox One and its place here in the South African market has turned into a gush of info. Previously we knew that the Xbox One would make an appearance in SA in September, now we have an exact date as well as a price for the new gaming hardware.

23 September. That’s the date you need to mark on your calendars for the Xbox One’s availability and Microsoft have also detailed a little of what you can expect as far as packages and pricing go. You’ll be able to snag an Xbox One minus the new Kinect for just R6,300 but you can also opt to go the whole hog and pick up the full bundle for R8,000 come launch day. There’s no info on whether some of the launch editions will have games bundled with them but we wouldn’t be surprised to seen that.

As for the Xbox One features you’ll see later this year, players will be able to record their games to the console using the DVR function, watch TV through their consoles, and access the range of apps available in this region. So not quite as extensive as overseas but it’s still not bad.

For now, we’re just looking forward to getting hands-on with some Xbox One exclusive titles. We’ll keep you posted if there are any more updates.


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