Vertu’s new smartphone brings specs along with the luxury label


Stuff has had some experience with Vertu’s range of luxury smartphones, like the Ti Ferrari which costs more than most of the country makes in a year. The trouble with the luxury handset maker’s Android device has always been that the specifications have fallen short of the high-end devices that come from the usual companies (though the other features always make up for it). Not so the new Signature Touch from Vertu, which corrects that little issue nicely.

As opposed to the mid-range specs we’re used to seeing, Vertu’s latest is packing the latest in hardware. A Snapdragon 801 CPU (2.3GHz) is doing service behind the 4.7-inch 1080p sapphire crystal display, with a collection of other specs upping it’s competitiveness factor quite a bit.

Users (with monster bank accounts) can look forward to a 13MP autofocus camera with a dual-LED flash, 64GB of storage, a broad spectrum of LTE support and Bang & Olufsen speakers and headphones.

It’ll also ship with a year’s worth of Vertu’s Concierge apps, like Life, Certainty and remote support. Any-time-you-need-it remote support. Oh and a bunch of Android/Google apps as well.

What can you expect to pay for the upped specs in conjunction with Vertu’s lifestyle additions? It starts at R110,500 and that’s not counting the cost of bringing it into the country.

Source: Vertu via Engadget


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