Olympus to launch special editions of their OM-D E-M10 cameras


You’re either going to have to be a UK or Aussie resident or an especially prolific importer to take advantage of something a little more stylish (or colour-coordinated) from Olympus at the moment but the company has a new look for their OM-D E-M10 shooters.

Three new Limited Edition E-M10 models are due to hit the market come July but only the two locations mentioned above will be getting official access to them.

The mirrorless camera will be available with imitation leather sheathing the body in three colours: either green, orange or black are your options. An actual leather strap, matching the body colour, will be part and parcel of the whole while each shooter will come with a special (also matching) lens cap. Handy for when you’re disguised as a bush, garbage can or um… orange in order to get that perfect shot. Or if you’re just making a fashion statement.

At launch the special edition Olympus shooters will run you around R13,500, not counting import and shipping costs, with a new slim 14-42mm lens kit coming along to complete the ensemble.

Source: Digital Trends


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