GoPro has new action mounts on the way, including a bodyboard option


GoPro cameras are known for being the popular choice when it comes to being crazy on video and adrenaline junkies will be pleased to know that you’ll have more options when it comes to affixing cameras to kit that can chronicle your antics. Available from GoPro’s international store now are a new 3-way mount and then a mount designed specifically for bodyboards – so now you can keep track of your pant-wetting terror when going over the falls on a heavy day.

GoPro 3-way

The 3-way mount is going to  be a land-photographer’s best friend by the look of things, being one of the more versatile attachments we’ve see for the camera to date. You’ll be able to use the mount as a tripod (think solo skate footage), a camera grib (running after someone else on a skateboard) or as an extension arm for some really creative shots. The 3-way mount has a max length of 50.8cm but it can be squished down to a mere 19cm for when you’re doing silly things in traffic (do not try that at home).

GoPro Bodyboard

Then there’s the bodyboard mount, that lets you connect a GoPro to a board the same way that you’d attach a leash plug but it’s limited to boards with a thickness of between 3.8cm and 8.8cm. GoPro are aware that you might lose your video camera in the surf in extreme conditions (the best kind) so they’ve also added a locking plug for your peace-of-mind.

The 3-way mount will run you $70 (R760), minus import and tax costs, while the bodyboard mount will cost $20 (R220). We’re going to be spending some time in the shorebreak this winter, it seems.

Source: via Digital Trends


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