Google’s latest Glass designs actually look like something you’re be seen wearing in public


Don’t look at us like that, Glass may be a hardcore technologist’s dream peripheral but nobody ever got to the top of the gadget world by appealing solely to a single group. Glass, in its original form, was a bit utilitarian but Google has announced a new look for their AR glasses which is being added to the Glass Explorer program.

The new design, a collection from DVF which is a brand by American designer Diane von Furstenberg, will be available for purchase in the States from 23 June this year. Comprising five frames and eight sets of shades, the DVF designs wouldn’t look out of place while chilling on a Caribbean beach or rumbling a 4×4 across some hazardous African terrain – with the added bonus of having Glass clipped to the right-hand side so you can update Facebook while you’re doing so.

As is usual, it’ll take some time for Glass and its attendant style upgrades to filter through to the African continent but there’s one bonus to that. By the time it gets here is a commercial form, we should have a whole range of options to choose from without having to wait. But that’s because we’re doing the waiting right now.

Source: Google via The Verge


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