Stuff Magazine – June 2014


STUFF_June_72dpiWhat’s in store for Stuff fans for the month of June? That’s the question every month but as usual Stuff has packed a massive amount of the newest technology news, reviews and features into each lovingly-crafted page of the magazine.

What’s in the box?

From learning how to indulge your artistic tendencies using nothing more than an iPad, a stylus and an overdoes of H.R. Giger dreams to the return of the music player (now with even more impressive ear-pleased high-definition audio formats – because MP3s are for chumps), Stuff Magazine‘s June issue has everything you need to know about every technology that makes your life a constant playground.

Take a look at some of the highlights that are in store for the month of June.

Galaxy-S5Samsung’s Galaxy S 5

Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone is taking the fight to the newly-unveiled HTC One M8 and all of the last generation phones that are called last-gen for a reason. How does it compete with the new devices on the market and will it be able to take the lead on any of them? More importantly, how will it stack up against what we’re expecting from LG’s G3 and Apple’s to-be-revealed iPhone 6? The answers nestle between the pages of Stuff‘s June issue.

The rise of Kickstarted technology

Crowdfunding has been responsible for more innovation than you can shake a WiFi-enabled stick at but there’s an interesting side effect to consumer-sourced funding and production of gadgetry. It’s making the established players (at least a bit) nervous. Not jittery nervous, you understand, just nervous enough to cause them to get a little more creative with the tech they’re putting onto the market. Will Kickstarter be the death of Samsung, Sony and the rest of the corporate tech-makers?

Nike ShoeIt’s June, time for a kickabout

You know what this month is, right? The largest event of the football year is taking place in Brazil and we’ve got everything you need to immerse yourself in some footy action, from watching the events to which apps to use to a) find a place to watch or b) follow the action/stats/history of the beautiful game from the comfort of wherever your smartphone happens to be. There’s also a rundown of footy movies, a look at the gear that is going to be on the field and we take a look at some old balls as well. It makes more sense in context.

Wearing your Android on your sleeve

11Google’s Android Wear is set to make the world of technology sit up and take notice and we’re looking at some of the revealed-so-far items on the menu from LG and Motorola, two companies that have jumped into the Google pool with both feet. What to expect when you’re expecting sleek, sexy and functional smart wristwear is the theme of this particular section and you can be sure that we’ll be the first to get our hands on the Moto 360 and its brethren when they become available later on this year.



Still not enough for you? Stuff Magazine‘s June issue also has a full complement of reviews (tablets, for preference), the always enlightening Hot Stuff, apps you need to use NOW and the popular Top 10 pages so you know which tech is the best of the best.


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