Google reportedly wants to use low-orbit satellites to provide internet access


Google’s Project Loon is an ambitious experiment from the search giant that hopes to provide internet access to places without infrastructure and, according to a Wall Street Journal report, the sky isn’t quite the limit for the company’s internet aims. Instead they’re looking at low-orbit, in the form of satellites.

The report claims that Google is planning on dropping $1 billion on a “…fleet of satellites” designed to provide internet access to locations on the ground. Around 180 small satellites are thought to be the starting point of the project, flying at a lower orbit than is normal for a satellite. Google would then expand on that number as the project grows.

The satellite endeavour will reportedly be led by Greg Wyler, who founded a satellite-based startup called O3b Networks. Google has also been hiring engineers familiar with the tech needed to get the project off the ground, so to speak.

Using satellites instead of helium balloons would make sense for an internet-distribution project, since they’d stay in place to provide access to a specific area instead of being subject to the whims of the weather. We’re just wondering how long it’ll be before Google announces that they’re building their own rocket ship.

Source: The Next Web


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