LG is working on a 6-inch quad HD display


We’ve seen LG’s G3 taking up a lot of space on Stuff just lately but there’s more to come from the company. LG Display, which obviously handles the screens for the South Korean company, is working on a 6-inch version of the quad HD display that is found in the G3.

Just what they’re planning on using it for isn’t certain yet but the larger screen, which was detailed by LG themselves in an interview with a Korean news agency, will be on show at the Society for Information Display (SID) in San Diego next week. 

LG’s G Pro series of phones have, in the past, featured a 5.9-inch screen so it’s possible that the company is looking to bump up the size a tad and give the G Pro a serious display update. There’s also a 14-inch qHD screen in the works from LG and we’re quite intrigued about where they intend to use that particular size. Odds are that we’ll know a little more next week.

Source: Digital Trends


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