Valve’s Steam Machines, controller will only arrive at the station in 2015


Valve, who still haven’t given us Half-Life 3, have revealed that their hardware platform – collectively known as Steam Machines – will not be releasing some time this year as was previously the case.

Instead, according to a Steam announcement, the delayed release is a result of the feedback that the company has been getting from the ongoing hardware beta test. Based on information they are receiving from “…everyone from industry professionals to die-hard gamers to casual gamers”, they’re reworking the current Steam Controller, something that will tale some time.

Steam said that “…we’re just as eager as you are to get a Steam Machine in your hands. But our number one priority is making sure that when you do, you’ll be getting the best gaming experience possible. We hope you’ll be patient with us while we get there.”

While we’re not exactly pleased with the hitch on the way to retail, the company’s attitude is understandable and fairly typical of Valve, who generally take their time with whatever it is they’re doing. Now, about Half-Life 3

Source: The Verge


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