CityHome wants to turn our future living spaces into iHouses


Living in cramped spaces, now and in the near future, might not be so bad if the folks at MIT have anything to say about it.

The MIT Media Lab’s Changing Places team have come up with a rather brilliant solution to living in cramped spaces, named CityHome. It gives our future selves the opportunity to turn the smallest apartment into a very fitting futuristic home. Or something out of The Fifth Element, but without the meat popsicles. We hope.

In short, CityHome squeezes all the essentials parts of various rooms into a single box, and when its array of sensors are utilised, the robo-house can spew forth whatever you need at the moment with the use of a few hand gestures.

For example, if you need a party spot then a table slides forward, and when bedtime nears the bed is nothing but a couple of gestures away. That’s not all though, the unit is light enough to move around, and MIT researcher Kent Larson has in mind even further customization with the use of apps designed for the CityHome.

So far the tech is only a proof of concept, but the MIT team hope to see the CityHome on shelves in the future.

Check out the vid above to see the CityHome in action.

Source: Engadget



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