This is the mobile app that launches alongside Watch_Dogs today


Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs is hitting stores and consoles around the world today and we’ve been looking forward to it for ages. Also launching today is an Android and iOS companion app called ctOS Mobile. The free app is named after the city-wide operating system found in Ubi’s techno-thriller and gives players a chance to mess with console gamers from wherever they happen to be.

Ubisoft has, in an official blog post, detailed just what will be available to mobile gamers who are looking to extend their game. There are two game modes available in the app: Race and Free Ride. Race will see mobile gamers attempting to stop a console gamer from reaching their destination in a timed mission by activating sections of the city (like blockers and traffic lights) in an attempt to wreck them. Mobile players will also be able to direct a police chopper, complete with a sniper, and police forces to a target.

Free Ride is fairly similar, though since console players won’t be on a set path it’ll be a little more difficult to predict where the driver is headed.

The best bit? According to Ubisoft, “While you’re logged in with an Xbox Live or PlayStation Network account, you’ll be able to play against gamers on both gens. What’s more, you can essentially pick which platforms you want to play against – you can stay logged in to all three major accounts, or you focus on whichever platform(s) suit you.”

Hit up the Ubisoft source link for a whole list of supported devices. Pretty much all of the iOS devices are on the list, from the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 onwards, as well as a collection of Android tech.

Source: Ubisoft via Polygon


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