Motorola to re-enter South Africa after a lengthy absence thanks to Lenovo


When was the last time that you saw a Motorola mobile phone in a store in South Africa? Once a staple of the local market, back when cellular towers were rare and dinosaurs roamed the earth, Motorola has dropped out of sight in favour of the bigger players in SA but that is due to change, more or less soon.

Lenovo’s recent acquisition of the Motorola smartphone brand has made it possible for the company to head back to South African shores, an event that is going to happen sooner rather than later. Lenovo already has a significant presence in SA so adding their newly-acquired smartphone brand to the local roster isn’t much of a jump for them.

Business Day‘s Arthur Goldstuck reports Lenovo’s Mobility Business Group head Liu Jin as saying in Beijing last week “In the Middle East and Africa region, South Africa is the only mature market dominated by carriers, so it is necessary to enter that market. We will finalise our plan for entering the South African market after we close the deal. Our current thinking is that we will leverage the Motorola product to enter that market.”

There you have it. All those low-cost Moto devices? We should be seeing them fairly soon.

Source: BD Live


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