Samsung reported to be planning a VR headset, with an announcement due this year


Samsung really does want to be everywhere that the technology is. A report from tech website Engadget claims that the South Korean company will be taking a crack at the latest popular front as well as attempting to take over the world with mobile devices. That’s right, Samsung apparently has a virtual reality headset in the works.

Engadget‘s report cites “sources close to Samsung” who say that the company is planning on announcing a VR headset, along the lines of the Oculus Rift or Sony’s gaming-oriented Project Morpheus (sort of), and also claims that Samsung intends to have it on the market this year. This would likely be an attempt to beat both the Facebook-owned Rift and Sony’s tech to the marketplace. The weird part? Samsung’s headset will function with their mobile devices, an interaction that we can’t quite imagine just yet.

Apparently the headset will feature an OLED display and it will be designed for mobile gaming. There are few other details about how it will function, how portable it will be and how it will connect to future Samsung phones and tabs but if Samsung can create a portable mobile gaming VR headset, that would be something to see.

Samsung hasn’t commented on the rumour, so it’s all speculation for now. Given their penchant for competing in every arena, we wouldn’t be surprised if Engadget‘s report is on the money however.

Source: Engadget via The Verge


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