See Arkham Knight in action while the Bat evens the odds


Batman: Arkham Knight, the third game involving the Dark Knight to be made by developer Rocksteady, is expected to land around mid-October and we’re only now getting a decent look at some of the gameplay that will be in store for gamers on launch day. A new trailer, titled Evening The Odds, shows off a very small portion of what is due later this year and it’s looking… pretty good, actually. Not that we were expecting anything less.

This time around, the whole city of Gotham looks to be taken over by criminals thanks to the Scarecrow but that’s not the only threat in store.

There’s a fair amount of footage of the Batmobile, which may be remote controlled to some extent. You can see it traveling towards the Bat while he’s engaged at an enemy and Batman is certainly able to launch out of it at a moment’s notice to deal out some fist-based justice as well. Then there’s the whole jet-engine-riding-on-almost-vertical-surfaces thing…

Also detailed is the pre-order bonus for Batman: Arkham Knight. Those who get their orders in early will get to play as Harley Quinn, though just how extensive that will be isn’t made known.

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