Wolfenstein: The New Order launches with a lot of ammo


The re-return of Wolfenstein is nigh, with the game having officially launched across the world yesterday. So far the early reviews have been largely positive, though Wolfenstein: The New Order has managed to update one or two reviewers. If you’re looking for how Stuff feels about the newest outing of BJ Blazkowicz, watch this space.

There’s also a fairly new trailer for the game, which shows mostly footage for the cut-scene portions of the title (Warning: some of the language in the video above is NSFW). It comes across looking like a Hollywood blockbuster instead of a video game, which might be developer MachineGames’ intention.

MachineGames’ creative director Jens Matthies said “At MachineGames we grew up playing Wolfenstein 3D and developing Wolfenstein: The New Order has been an honor and is our love letter to id Software. We set out to create an immersive, story-driven game that captures the incredible action and excitement the series is known for. We’re thrilled that players can now meet the unforgettable cast of characters we created and hope they have as much fun playing the game as we did making it.”


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