Watch TrackingPoint’s XS1 smart rifle obliterate an HTC One M8


We’ve written at some length about HTC’s One M8 smartphone and also given TrackingPoint’s range of smart rifles a closer look but what happens when you combine the two?

RatedRR is a YouTube channel that seems to make a living pitting technology against a variety of ballistic weaponry and one of the latest videos has TrackingPoint’s XS1 rifle taking on HTC’s newest flagship device. There’s no doubt which piece of technology is going to win this little bout but it’s still quite something to a) see a smartphone take a pounding from three different rifle rounds and b) see a smart rifle in action.

The shots are taken from a little more than a kilometre away, with the HTC One M8 being barely visible on the XS1’s scope but apparently you don’t mess with TrackingPoint’s target tracking software. There’s one round put through the top of the One M8, another that skims along the display and the third just finishes the job.

There is a spot of marketing patter at the start of the video before the HTC One M8 destruction begins so you can skip over the first minute and a half if you’d prefer to just see TrackingPoint’s weapon in action.

Source: RatedRR (YouTube)


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