Here’s everything you’re getting into with Watch_Dogs at month-end


The release of Watch_Dogs is about two weeks away and Ubisoft have released yet ANOTHER video detailing their upcoming open-world action title.Previous updates have tended to focus only on a single aspect of the game but this latest trailer covers absolutely everything that players will be experiencing when they set out to hack the planet (well, the bit that has Chicago in it) from 27 May. And, according to Ubi, this video just covers a small amount of what will be in the final game.

Hit up the video to see everything from a basic introduction to the game and gameplay, how hacking will play its part in just about everything that players will do and also a short intro to the main support characters in Watch_Dogs.

Then there’s another look at multiplayer in a condensed explanation, a glimpse at the mobile companion app that integrates with the main game as well as an overview of some of the side missions. There are driving missions, for one, but then there are the ‘digital trips’ which completely change up the game world – turning it into an arcade machine or just a place to run over hordes of undead and other evil critters.

It looks like there’s a lot more game in Watch_Dogs than we previously thought.



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