LG G3 teaser trailer dissected: metal body and infrared autofocus look likely


LG has released an official teaser trailer for the LG G3 that’s sure to get G2 fans hot under the collar.

It’s not very long, and we only see fleeting glimpses of it, but that hasn’t stopped us from whipping out our magnifying glasses to see what tasty morsels we can sink our teeth into:

The video starts off with a lightbulb smashing in slow motion, hinting at 120fps video recording, and we’d place a lot of money on 4K support too.

We then get fleeting glimpses of red, followed by a circle of red dots. This could point to infrared low-light autofocus beams emitted by the mysterious black rear sensor adjacent to the dual LED flash.

While we can’t guarantee that the G3 actually has an IR autofocus sensor, past leaks, coupled with the clues in the latest video, make it seem quite likely.

The next shot shows off the G3’s floating camera lens, confirming that the G2’s excellent optical image stabilisation has returned.

The floating camera lens accounts for any hand movements you might make while taking photos, which results in less blur and clearer photos.

The G3 is expected to land with the G Pro 2’s OIS+, which, coupled with the IR autofocus, should provide even better low-light shots. Because OIS results in less blur, the shutter is able to remain open for longer, guzzling in more light without sacrificing clarity.

The next glimpse shows off the now-familiar leaked rear, with LG’s improved power button and flatter volume buttons.

A metal body also appears to be on the cards, with some glamorous closeup shots of what appears to be brushed aluminium and metal filings being sprayed in the air. It’s impossible to tell whether or not the rear cover is removable, but past leaks have suggested that it will be.

Finally we’re met with conformation of LG’s KnockCode lock screen, which only allows access to the device if you tap out the correct combination on its display.

The tagline “simple is the new smart” echoes Samsung’s take-home message from Mobile World Congress, and then we’re then met with the date and time of the official launch event.

We’ll be bringing you all the G3 news on 27 May, as it happens, so stay tuned for the big reveal and Stuff’s first impressions of LG’s long-awaited flagship.


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