Here’s another look at LG’s G Watch before it goes official


It’s no secret that we’ve got some very high hopes for LG’s upcoming G Watch, which may be formally announced at the end of this month. Part is it is based on LG’s recent performance in the smartphone field, the other part is based on excitement for Android Wear in general since the new wearable products announced for Android are looking pretty good so far.

LG has released a new promotional video for their upcoming Android Wear addition and while it doesn’t reveal or show anything new, it does give us a nice long look at what will be announced later on this month.

What we do know thus far are the available colours the G Watch will be releasing in (if you’re the fashion-inclined type) as well as some of the features – like an always-on display, voice control and… well, that’s about it, really. There still hasn’t been the slightest hint of what sort of internal hardware the smartwatch will be packing come launch day but we’ll probably know that soon enough.

Source: LG Mobile Global (YouTube) via Engadget


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