Graphics mod lets us see what Crysis 3 would look like in 8K resolution


A lovely fellow by the name of K-putt has, through the use of a graphics mod, made it possible for us the see the how gaming might look in two or three generation’s time (for consoles, at least).

K-putt tweaked Crysis 3’s main Windows program to let it run in 8K resolution, or more specifically, 8 000 x 3 333. For those keeping score that’s about 13 times more pixels than a standard HD image and the results definitely do show a difference in quality.

Sadly, when we say the future of gaming, we do mean it. A giant graphics card like NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX Titan can just about run Crysis 3 across three displays on 5,760 x 1,080, and even if it could, 8K television sets are not exactly easy to get your hands on since they don’t exist outside of development labs yet. But, in terms of graphics, it would be interesting to see how the Titan Z would handle the hack.

Luckily technology waits for no man, so we’re pretty sure this performance will be viable in a couple of years, for home PCs at the very least. That should keep the graphics-hungry amongst us happy for a while.

Source: Engadget


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