Microsoft has a Surface event set for later this month


What has Microsoft got in store for us later this month? Redmond has sent out invitations to America media for an event on 20 May that will centre on their Surface tablets. According to reports, Microsoft’s key line for the invitation is “Join us for a small gathering.”

Speculation is that, based on the wording for the invite from Microsoft, the company intends to unveil a long-rumoured Surface Mini device. This isn’t a certainty,of course, but Microsoft has been said to have a smaller version of their Surface tablet in the works since 2013.

The Verge reports that a Surface Mini would have a 7.5-inch, 1,440 x 1080 display, feature a Qualcomm processor and would likely runs Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system. This would put it into the realm of tablet rather than a desktop or notebook alternative, which is how Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablets can be seen.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed any of this, though they have said in the past that “We have a lot of great things that we are thinking about and working on, and there are multiple aspect ratios and sizes and awesome things to come from Surface.” Could be that we’ll see the first of those different sizes later on this month.

Source: The Verge


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