Amazon now lets users add basket items via Twitter


Online mega-retailer Amazon today announced a new kind of integration with Twitter, which lets users add items to their online baskets with a simple hashtag.

Linking your Twitter profile to your Amazon account is a necessary first step, but once that’s done, simply reply to any tweet with an link using the hashtag “#AmazonBasket” or an link using the hashtag “#AmazonCart” to add that item to the site’s basket for later.

In either case, you’ll receive a response from the regionally appropriate Amazon Twitter account confirming the request and providing additional details. At the moment it only seems to be live for the States and UK. It’s not likely to turn up specifically for SA any time soon.

If you’re the type to mass-add items to your basket before deleting the excessive ones later, then this might prove a useful feature—or help save a few favorites on Twitter. Conversely, it may not be as useful a perk for those who simply browse the Amazon website or app when they’re ready to spend.

Source: The Next Web


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