I can see my house from up here: Catch the live-stream of the HDEV from the ISS


Care for a look at Earth from space, specifically from the International Space Station? Then you’re in luck, because NASA have recently made a live-stream of the planet available as a live-stream as part of their HDEV (High Definition Earth Viewing) project.

The point of the experiment is to test the performance of off-the-shelf cameras in space and, as such, NASA have mounted four Earth-facing cameras on the outside of the ISS for people to watch and “…to validate the space-based performance of the cameras in a variety of operating modes to exercise and demonstrate the features and longevity of the COTS equipment for future ISS Program usage. ”

The planet isn’t always available on the live-stream, thanks to a “…loss of Ku-band transmission from the International Space Station” and there will be times where there is very little to see (such as night-time) but you can get a look at the planet with from the NASA source link below or on the Ustream window above. The experiment is set to run until October 2015, according to Engadget, so there’s no rush at the moment.

Source: NASA via Engadget


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