LG G Watch and G3 announcement possible on 27 May


We all know that LG has got the G Watch and the inevitable G3 on the way, though neither device has had an official announcement as yet. That is very likely to change in a little under a month’s time, with the company planning a series of events in six cities around the world over a period of two days.

LG will be holding press events in San Francisco, New York, London, Seoul, Singapore, and Istanbul, according to Engadget, starting from 27 May. The invitation for the events carries the words “To be simple is to be Great”, which is presented in such a way as to suggest that either device will be unveiled.

Whether LG would go to the trouble of an international unveiling for a single product, even if it is its first Android Wear… er… wearable, isn’t known for sure and all we can do is speculate about their intentions. The scale of the event suggests that they’re going to be showing us more than just one item in about a month.

Source: Engadget


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