Destiny gameplay takes us to Devil’s Lair


Halo creators Bungie and publisher Activision are teasing their upcoming next-generation shooter Destiny once again, this time promising that more will be seen at the E3 gaming event in the middle of this year. The online, story-based shooter looks to be giving users even more when the Los Angeles conference takes place but for now there’s a seven-minute gameplay teaser showing off a wide array of what gamers can expect when Destiny launches in September this year.

The video gives viewers an overview of some of the weaponry that will be on hand when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One find themselves with a new shooter to play with. Everything from handguns to assault rifles to sniper and hybrid projectile weaponry gets a look-in, as does what we’re already referring to as the Space Shotgun.

There are a few of Destiny‘s gadgets on display, including some interesting takes on the hand grenade, as well as a couple of hints about player buffs, special abilities and melee attacks that don’t look like anything we’ve seen in an FPS before. Could prove very interesting. In between all the hardware, prospective players can also examine the objective-based gameplay in a bit more detail.


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