See Evolve in (interactive) action – 4 humans, 1 monster


Don’t panic, this really is a 50-plus minute gameplay trailer and if you’re any kind of shooter fan, you will want to watch it from start to finish. Evolve is a four-versus-one competitive shooter that is due out from Turtle Rock Studios and it’s completely different to anything else that Stuff has experienced so far in the genre. We got a chance to go hands-on with it recently and now you can have a similar experience thanks to 2K Games.

The video above features the first ten minutes as an edited, narrated video that sounds like it might be commentated by people more used to basketball games. Their excitement is justified though, as you’ll see if you watch how Evolve‘s gameplay works.

Alternatively, you can watch the entire game from the perspectives of a specific class, whether the Assault, Trapper, Media, Support or Goliath, to get a sense of how each type plays and just how different they are. We’re not going to lie, we’re very excited about the release of Evolve later this year.


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