IBM details how Watson will be assisting with online shopping


IBM’s Watson supercomputer/AI system has been spending time in several spheres, learning how to do all sorts of interesting things. The fields of medicine, game shows, customer service and varsity have already formed part of Watson’s education and the supercomputer is going to be going shopping next. Yes, shopping.

IBM and Watson are teaming up with a company called Fluid to create a Watson-powered personal shopping app, known as Expert Personal Shopper or XPS, that will function in the cloud to assist online shoppers with questions and queries.

The North Face is said to be the first online outlet that will feature the Watson-backed XPS system, which will give users recommendations regarding purchases, answers to questions about products and probably a bit more assistance besides.

Just when Watson and its Expert Personal Shopper persona will become available to the public hasn’t been announced but the AI supercomputer hasn’t been slow in its other tasks so we should see it making an appearance in the wild sooner rather than later.

Source: Engadget


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