Google Maps now lets you go back in time – visually


Google Maps already lets you see pretty much anything you would want, and now they’ve taken the next logical step. Time travel, of course. It’s not the Doc Brown version of time-travel though, it’s more of a digital travel solution.

Historical imagery from past Street View collections from all the way back to 2007 make up the “digital time capsule” that Google Maps has presented to users.Viewers will be able to see the progress of construction efforts and how areas have changed with the passage of time, including the rebuilding of Onagawa in Japan following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The feature hasn’t rolled out to the whole of Google Maps yet and only certain parts of Maps have been updated at the time of writing. Google hasn’t given any indication of just how extensive their ‘time machine’ will be but most major landmarks will probably be included at some point.

The technology giant announced their time machine yesterday, which is unfortunately only available on the desktop version of Google Maps at present.

Source: CNET


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