A closer look at how Watch_Dogs’ integrated multiplayer will work


One of the games that has the potential to consume a whole lot of Stuff Magazine‘s time when it launches is Watch_Dogs, the upcoming techno-thriller from Ubisoft which finally lands at the end of May. Ubisoft is playing the hype game a little bit by releasing a gameplay trailer that details the multiplayer modes that players can expect when Watch_Dogs makes its appearance at last.

Multiplayer integrates into the main single-player game, though it will deactivate when a player is involved in a main story mission or other activities that would be disrupted by an intrusion. Ubisoft, in the video above, demonstrates a hack contract where a player enters another game and attempts to hack the player character. The interaction is shown from both sides and there are differing objectives if a player is hacked. One needs to avoid detection while the other needs to locate and kill the intruder, something that leads to a combination of stealth and action gameplay.

Also demonstrated is the integration of a mobile game, which sees a mobile gamer entering the main console game universe and directing police forces and hacking various parts of the city in an attempt to slow down or take out the invaded player. Finally there is a true multiplayer objective-based experience where two teams need to locate and decrypt a file while holding off other players who are after the same thing. Even if multiplayer isn’t your thing normally, the above multiplayer walkthrough is making the proposition look like a good one.

Source: via Polygon


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