Twitter launches updated profiles for all users


Ever wanted to get your Twitter account looking a little more like your Facebook page? Twitter is giving all users the option now to select an updated profile for their accounts that brings a Facebook-like look to their micro-blogging activities.

But don’t let the appearance get you down, Twitter has also introduced a lot of functionality to the updated website profiles. Users will obviously be able to change their profile images, with a header image as well as an avatar space for a picture of yourself or your online persona but they will also be able to pin a tweet to the top of the profile – what it is is up to the user themselves.

Twitter has brought a lot of tweet filters to the new profiles to boot, letting users view their text-only or video tweets, arrange them by tweets that have received replies and they’ve also made tweets with a lot of engagement a little larger, font-wise.

Hit the link above to get an overview of the update from Twitter and the page will also link you through to a preview page where users can check out the new look and then activate it on their profiles if they wish. For now, it seems, it’s optional.

Source: Twitter


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