Screens for LG’s G3 leak online, details revamped UI


Citing a “trusted industry source” for their information, website Digital Trends has released a collection of screenshots that apparently show the updated user interface for LG’s upcoming G3 handset, giving us a decent idea of what software alterations will be in store when the phone is officially announced.

A lot of the changes will be cosmetic, like flatter-looking, redesigned icons in the app screen with an updated notifications pulldown, also featuring new, smoother icons, that seems to have been cleaned up compared to current LG UIs.

There’s been talk of a heavily customisable user interface coming to the G3 and the images released to Digital Trends seem to bear this out in places, mostly with the Accuweather app screenshot that can been seen at the source link. It’s a fairly basic change, with the app suggesting to the users that an umbrella would be a plan for later in the day, but the final product is supposedly far more advanced. It will apparently collect data on how users make use of the G3, offering suggestions and configurations based around an individual’s habits.

Lastly, the screenshots confirm what LG has already confirmed and what rumours have been saying – that the G3 will feature a qHD display. The screenshots of the G3 interface were provided at a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440, which ties in with current display size estimates.

Source: Digital Trends


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