Rip Curl to make wearable tech designed for surfers


There is a multitude of fitness tracking wearable gadgets (okay, maybe not that many but still) that you can use to augment your fitness session of choice, but no tech has really been available to surfers who want to get the best out of their sessions.

At least, that was before Rip Curl unveiled their Search GPS surf watch, which will enable surfers to “track every wave” and “know every tide”.

Before the SearchGPS most surfers could only use wristwatches that had to be pre-loaded with a specific day’s data, like wind speeds, temperature and swell statistics, but not much else. The Search GPS, in comparison, will allow users to record top speeds (on a given wave, naturally), distance traveled and even their wave count. After their sessions, users can re-look at their run via custom maps and graphic charts online, or by using the planned iOS app.

The tech isn’t available yet, but you can see some of the upcoming details here. You can also hit up a small video detailing the smartwatch – plus some surfing to kick off your longing for the beach. Big wave season is just around the corner, after all.

Source: Engadget


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