Land Rover to expand its vehicle tech with intelligent glass


Land Rover has long been one of the leaders in the off-road car market, but more recent models like the Defender aren’t exactly brimming with new technology. The company’s recent announcement of their Transparent Bonnet tech was only just the start of changing all that, apparently.

Enter the Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept which will, according to reports, be bringing a host of technological features to the British auto manufacturer’s vehicles. The Vision will reportedly use lasers, have touch screens, be able to see where you are looking and put information there, and will also allow cars to be driven remotely.

The Discovery Vision will be able to display images on every piece of body glass, from the windshield to the panoramic sun roof as well. The technology is called “Smart Glass”, and can display images as if it were being transmitted to a computer screen, with the added perk of it being transparent.

Perhaps the most exciting application of the technology is the Discovery Vision’s ability to combine eye-tracking sensors and navigation information, which means passengers get to see point-of-interest information, which can then be transferred via a swipe on the glass to a seat-mounted 10-inch touchscreens or a tablet.

Hit up the source link for an explanation video of Land Rover’s proposed technology. Like the company’s AR bonnet concept, we’re not expecting these features any time (too) soon.

Source: Digital Trends


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