It’s about time we got a smartphone-controlled glass toaster


Toasters live in almost every home and the technology behind them hasn’t made too many strides with regards to how they make your bread crunchy but that’s about to change. An Italian appliance company Bugatti (which has nothing to do with the auto manufacturer has demoed a glass toaster that does a whole lot more than just make toast.

The toaster is called the Bugatti Noun and, while it isn’t available at the moment, the company has shown off what it can do at the EuroCocina show that took place in Milan recently. It’s not your garden variety toaster, as evidenced by the projected $1,000 (R10,600) price tag but it’s the technology that it will feature that really makes the Noun stand out. 

The glass toaster eschews heating elements in favour of a transparent semiconductor layer that is placed over the glass surfaces, allowing it to heat up to 300 degrees Celsius. This heat range means that users will be able to cook anything from toast to sandwiches to actual steaks (as long as you put the meat into a heat-resistant bag). Users will be able to control the glass Noun toaster using physical controls but the appliance can also be controlled by a smartphone app that offers a higher degree of temperature control and cooking time.

If we were building a technology-based kitchen, the Noun would probably be making our morning toast. While we stayed in bed, controlling it remotely via smartphone.

Source: Digital Trends


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