Now you can connect to your desktop via Android with Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop


Everyone has experience something like this at some time or another: You’re stuck in the middle of the Kalahari with nothing but a smartphone and a six-pack of fruit juice (we like to be prepared) when you realise that you need to send an important file to the bank or risk losing your home. Or something like that. The problem is that the file is sitting back at home on your desktop computer and there’s no way to access it from wherever you happen to be.

Until now, that is. Google has had a Chrome Remote Desktop application for a while that, like the Windows Remote Desktop function, lets you access your computer from another computer – hence the name. The search company has just announced that they have released an Android version of Chrome Remote Desktop that will let users connect directly to a ChromeOS PC using their smartphones. Windows and OS X machines are not left out of this smartphone wizardry, though they will need Google’s Chrome browser and the Chrome Remote Desktop extension installed.

Google isn’t stopping with Android but that is the version that is available right now. An iOS version of the app is on the way but Google hasn’t given an official date beyond “later this year”. So much for leaving important files at home.

Source: The Verge


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