That didn’t take long – Images, specs of Amazon’s smartphone reportedly leak


A recent report by the Wall Street Journal claimed that Amazon was closing in on a completed smartphone, today we find that images of the apparent device are floating about online.

Website BGR has what they claim are image of Amazon’s prototype device, which in its present state looks like a mating between one of Nokia’s Lumia phones and the most recent RAZR smartphone from Motorola. That isn’t to say that this is the final design from Amazon however, the current shape is apparently the result of a “protective shell” designed to stop people from seeing what it actually looks like.

BGR also has a collection of specs, which have apparently been provided by “multiple trusted sources”, as well as information stating that Amazon plans on rolling out two smartphones in the coming months. There are no details on the second device, other than it will be a more entry-level phone with scaled down specs compared to Amazon’s first effort.

The company is apparently planning on using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor, though which one isn’t known, and will be giving users 2GB of system memory and a modified version of Android. This is in keeping with their other mobile devices so far. The display is supposedly a 4.7-inch affair, 720p rather than a full HD screen, and the phone will apparently feature six cameras – four of which will enable a 3D effect without glasses – we’re assuming this is similar to how Nintendo’s 3DS handheld console functions, only using software instead of physical hardware in order to work.

As for when we’ll see it… Amazon has yet to confirm or announce anything so there’s no real way of knowing until they drop the announcement on us. Just like the Amazon Fire TV.

Source: BGR via Digital Trends


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