Check out the world’s biggest game of Jenga, with CAT excavators for players


Most people are aware of Jenga, the block-removing game that is a favourite on the Big Bang Theory TV series and which is normally played in the confines of a small room. Right, that has been scaled up a bit.

27 wooden blocks, each weighing 272kg, five CAT excavators and telehandlers are more than enough to put any normal Jenga game to shame, and that’s exactly what Caterpillar, the construction machinery manufacturer, had done in great style.

The video is obviously a promotion for CAT but we have to admit that it is very well done. And it showcases the absurd level of skill the operators have in a great way, Stuff doesn’t even have that sort of dexterity while playing the normal version.

And let’s face it, machines need to have fun too.

Source: Gizmodo


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