LG confirms its next flagship will use a quad HD display


Displays larger than 1080p have, up till now, been a relative rarity in smartphones. However, LG has just confirmed that their next flagship smartphone, the LG G3, will have a “Quad HD” resolution. LG’s move will likely signal the display size becoming more of a norm.

It is thought that the phone will have a pixel density of 530 ppi due to its rumoured 5.5 inch display paired with its confirmed (and insane) qHD resolution of 2,560 x 1440.

qHD displays have been used on some Chinese phones as a means of rendering that country’s more complex alphabet. What the point would be with LG’s G3 is less certain but they might just be upping the specs compared to the G2. If so, we can probably expect to see similar spec bumps across the other categories as well.

LG’s G3 is expected to land later this year, with a mid-year announcement before the handset itself becomes available.

Source: Engadget


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