Audi seeking real-world examples of how connected cars can improve lives


We’ve been hearing a lot about how connected and self-driving cars will change our lives, but the world has yet to see practical applications of the tech. Audi seems to be following the same train of thought, as the motorcar manufacturing giant has recently launched the Urban Future Award, a four-city multidisciplinary competition that will see teams “…work side by side to reinvent the future of urban mobility.”

Each team have to solve specific problems in reach in their respective cities by using connected car technology:

The Boston team will determine whether vehicles using self-parking features will take up less space, while Seoul’s team will work on social in-dash displays (which will hopefully be usable without causing bumper bashings). The Berlin team will focus on merging private and public transport to ultimately create efficient commuting solutions, and the Mexico City team will use crowdsourced traffic data to hopefully solve the city’s congestion problems.

The competition will be updated on Audi’s blog, and the eventual winners will get a very nice $140 000 (R1 476 000) prize.

You can also check out the video for more info.

Source: Engadget


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