BMW to bring OLED tail-lights to future production models


BMW has got some interesting features rolling out to its vehicles, like laser-based headlights (which can be seen in the April issue of Stuff Magazine) but there is something else planned on the lighting front for the German company.

OLED tail-lights are in BMW’s near future, a technology that the company showed off recently to BimmerPost. The system that is being added to vehicles is still a few years off but we should see organic LED lighting in BMWs in the next three years.

BMW are reportedly calling this setup Organic Light and it should appear in the company’s cars before making its way to their range of motorcycles as well. The benefits of OLED lighting are reduced power consumption and increased brightness, something that would be a definite boon on nighttime roads.

There is still some work to be done. BimmerPost reports that Organic Light is “…currently adequate for tail lights, [but]lighting elements like the brake light or indicator need reinforcing”

Source: Engadget


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