Google Glass helps doctor to save a life


Wearable tech is aimed at helping us get the information we need easily on the go and one of the leaders of the wearable technology movement (in the eye-wear department, at least) is undoubtedly Google and their Glass.

Saying that, the folks at Google must’ve been surprised when they learned that a certain Dr. Steven Horng told The Boston Globe that Google Glass helped him save a life.

Doctor Horng works at Boston’s Beth Israel Deconess Medical Centre, a medical facility that is currently trialling the use of Glass in the hospital. He was busy operating on a patient whose brain was bleeding. The doctor was informed by the patient that he had certain blood pressure medication allergies that prevented the administration of certain types of medicine but Dr. Horng didn’t know which ones were a danger.

Dr. Horng couldn’t leave his patient, so he reportedly used Google Glass to call up his patient’s medical history and was able to safely stabilize the patient’s condition based on the information that was returned.

This story comes just as Google is launching an initiative this week, showcasing their wearable tech’s capabilities. They must be so proud.

Source: The Verge


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