More futuristic US Navy weaponry – lasers and unmanned helicopters this time round


True to their word, the US Navy has, along with yesterday’s railgun, released videos detailing their upgraded ship-mounted laser guns, and their autonomous helicopters.

The ship-mounted laser is something that we have seen before but the rather impressive upgrades are still worth a look. At the moment it is capable of firing high-energy beams that only cost $1 per shot, which is much cheaper than conventional ammunition. The laser’s controls have also been consolidated into one control, so one person can target, track and fire at things.

The autonomous Navy helicopters, on the other hand, have just finished a round of tests, and seem scarily user friendly. A single Marine could control the tech with just a tablet. The helicopters will be predominately used to deliver supplies to the front lines so they’re rather like Amazon drones, just much, much more scary.

If you’re a fan of futuristic weaponry, do yourself a favour and check out the video showcasing the technology.

Source: Engadget


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