Meet the Micro, the 3D printer that received $1 million in pledges in one day


We all know that 3D printing presents a vast horizon of innovation that promises to be very interesting. Yet the greatest barrier to the tech is the costs of acquiring a printer and the necessary printing material.

Well the Micro is here to change all that. The feisty little 3D printer is a low cost printer being developed by the M3D company and is currently a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter. The Micro is already a big hit with in the crowdfunding scene, as it passed $1 million in just one day after the project was started.

The printer is a 185 mm-per-side cube that weighs about 1kg. It won’t be a terribly sophisticated printer, which seems to be the point: getting 3D printers in as many homes as possible.

At the time of writing R3120 will get you a Micro, with Kickstarter shipping running buyers about R522-R780, but these prices are subject to change. You know what that exchange rate is like these days.

Be sure to check out M3D’s Kickstarter page, if only to see what the project’s all about.

Source: TechCrunch


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