TAG Heuer goes solar with the Meridiist Infinite luxury phone


Stuff had a very nervous period of time last year when we played host to a phone that costs about the same as a brand-new car, the Vertu Ti Ferrari. The insanely-priced device is going to be getting some company thanks to Tag Heuer, who have announced their new entry in the luxury smartphone market with the Meridiist Infinite.

It might sound like a fashion campaign from Zoolander but Tag have got something really interesting going with this device and they call it a “perpetual motion reserve”. It’s a solar panel that lives underneath the sapphire crystal display that allows the Infinite to charge whenever light – whether natural or artificial – hits it. The phone’s body is constructed from titanium with carbon inserts. So, yes. Sounds expensive.

Other specifications are thin on the ground but we’re not expecting them to be anything like the top-end smartphones that issue forth from Apple, Samsung and the like. Tag Heuer’s device is targeted at a different market entirely and the specs are usually below standard phones in cases like this, even as the price skyrockets. And we’re also not expecting the Meridiist Infinite to be cheap.

Source: Engadget


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