See the US Navy’s upgraded electromagnetic railgun in action


A month or so ago we posted about the US Navy’s aims to deploy laser and railgun weaponry, and today we caught some new footage of their railgun project in action.

The gun is slated to go into testing on one of Navy’s joint high speed vessels in 2016, and uses Lorentz Force to “rapidly accelerate and launch a projectile between two conductive rails.” Unlike early footage, which had the BAE weapon firing a dummy shell, the railgun now launches a cased projectile that splits after leaving the accelerating chamber, revealing what looks like the world’s most frightening bullet. On impact… well, just watch the video. We haven’t been able to stop the loop yet.

The vid is everything we wanted it to be, and if you, like us are feeling a little destructive (which is completely understandable this early in the week), it’s something you should not miss.

Source: Engadget


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