Israeli startup claims to be able to charge a smartphone in 30 seconds


We’ve all had the experience of having to leave the house only to notice that there’s about 4% remaining on our phones at least once. An Israeli startup might have a way around deliberating whether to be late with a smartphone or on time without one. The company, called StoreDot, has come up with a way to take a device like Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 from flat to charged in around 30 seconds.

The technology is still in development but it should be a reality in the next few years. StoreDot is looking at 2016 for a release of the special charger and battery but how it works is quite far removed from your conventional lithium-ion battery.

StoreDot, which Digital Trends reports came from the nanotech department of Tel Aviv University, uses a biological semiconductor based around peptides. It has unique properties that set it apart from the sort of thing we’re all used to.

According to StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf, speaking to The Next Web, “In essence, what we have developed is a new generation of an electrode with new materials – we call it MFE – Multi Function Electrode. One side acts like a Supercapacitor (very fast charging), and the other is like a Lithium electrode (slow discharge).”

You can see their speedy charger in action in the video below.

Source: Digital Trends and PopSci


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