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In the future, robots will be bouncy. That seems to be the overall impression given off by this robotic kangaroo, known by the imaginative title of BionicKangaroo. The company behind the robot’s unusual method of locomotion might not be onto a bad thing either, the BionicKangaroo actually uses its jumping motion to store up energy for the next jump much like its real-life counterpart.

The German company, Festo, has made two variants of the jumping critter that you can see in the video above,  “one with an integrated compressor and one with a mobile high-pressure storage device”. The robot’s motion can used to power the next jump, quite an efficient use of energy for a robotic construct, and the lightweight body works with this system to allow for forward motion.

The little robot has a jumping range of 80cm, a little under its metre height, and is able to clear the ground vertically to a height of 40cm. Best of all, it’s gesture controlled thanks to an armband that transmits instructions to the little robotic ‘roo. It has little practical use so far and you won’t be able to purchase your own for the immediate future but as an experiment in locomotion, the BionicKangaroo is an impressive feat.

Source: The Verge


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