Google may be working on Android TV


Google is reportedly planning on launching a streaming video service/interface and its own set-top box called Android TV. The search company’s planned have apparently been revealed by documents seen by tech website The Verge, who published their finding over the weekend.

Part of the documentation that The Verge bases its report on apparently shows the interface for Android TV and also details the company’s plans to release a piece of hardware to go along with the service. The set-top box will reportedly have voice control and little else by way of features. It will, however, offer suggestions as to what users should watch based on a wide range of streaming services – something that would be typically Google.

A portion of Google’s documentation is said to read “Android TV is an entertainment interface, not a computing platform. It’s all about finding and enjoying content with the least amount of friction.”

In light of Amazon’s recent Fire TV streaming box, it isn’t out of the question that The Verge‘s report is accurate. It may be that the popularity of Google’s Chromecast has convinced the company that now is the time to step into streaming video in a bigger way.

Source: The Verge via Ars Technica Image: The Verge


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